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TWB-Photo THE WHITE BUFFALO: The White Buffalo represents an authentic homage to the times of hard touring, hard drinking artists who truly lived what they sang about. Seamlessly moving from heartfelt ballads to raucous bar songs, The White Buffalo sings with honesty and thoughtful reflection as he travels the road, sharing his music. Everything about him is big, from his imposing physical size to his amazing vocal range. From his whiskey-drenched, growling lows to heart-stopping highs, The White Buffalo paints a touching picture, whether he stands alone or performs with his energetic, charismatic band. For more on The White Buffalo:
whitey_artist WHITEY MORGAN & THE 78s: Back by popular demand, this Flint, Michigan-based Honkey Tonk band take their responsibility to rock you seriously. “My job is to show you how much fun drinking is,” says Whitey Morgan. Doing it damn close to as good as Waylon did, it’s no surprise that fans across the country keep the crew touring constantly. For more on Whitey Morgan & the 78s:
leroy HELLBOUND GLORY: This insurgent-country quartet from Reno first unleashed their brand of “scumbag” country in 2004 and havenʼt slowed down since. Lead singer/rhythm guitarist Leroy Virgil writes the songs and is the conductor of the hellbound train that is the bandʼs rowdy “off the rails” show. No radio-ready pop country here. Instead, Hellbound Glory’s sound takes up where original outlaw country singers like Cash, ennings and Haggard left off. You. Will. Love. This. Band. For more on Hellbound Glory:
lydia LYDIA LOVELESS: An Ohio farm-girl who’s done a lot of livin’ in her 23 years, Lydia Loveless’ music could be likened to a harvest of her experiences thus far. With country roots (her dad booked bands at the local honky tonk) and a rebellious streak (she was a fixture in Columbus’ underground punk scene by 14 ), Lydia comes armed with the ammunition to shoot to the top of your list of raw, honest and real music-makers. Her voice is powerful, the energy is high and the bottom line is… the girl rocks. Hard. For more on Lydia Loveless:
freightshakers350 THE FREIGHTSHAKERS: While everyone sits around moaning the blues about the “death of the LA Country scene”…these boys fly a big finger in the face of the 70′s rock that is being passed off as country music on the radio. Led by Dan Jenkins who arrived in Southern California via West Virginia and Alaska (somebody get that boy a damn map!!) these boys are keeping country alive regardless of FM radio. Throw on a worn-out truckers cap, pop open something cold and cheap, and get ready for a good time! For more on The Freightshakers:
merle_jagger MERLE JAGGER: Boiling out of the stills of LA’s underground is Merle Jagger, an instrumental trio (now with vocals too) blazing a new trail of outlaw melodic for the Western millennium. Long time sessioneer guitarist Mark Christian, a native of the Southern California orange tree ranches, teamed up with barnyard pals bassist Steve Andrews and drummer Tod T. Burr for the ultimate progressive Hillbilly experiment. For more on Merle Jagger: